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February Breastfeeding class now open.

Friday, February 8th at 10 am.

February Group Classes:

February 19th at 5:45 pm Healthy Cooking with Hannah

February 28th at 5:45 pm Time Management

Call or email for details.

Tier 1 Sessions: Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy Overview: Video of Fetal Development in the Womb. Discussion

Creating a Birthing Plan: Lessons on what to talk about with your doctor as you and your birthing partner plan for the birth experience.

Preparing for Birth: What the 3rd trimester may bring. Packing for the hospital. Car seat safety.

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding basics plus helpful websites and literature.

Taking Baby Home: What to bring to the hospital for mom and baby; and necessities for home.

 Tier 2 Sessions: You’ve Had a Baby, Now What

Newborn Care: Taking care of your newborn (bathing, changing, sleep safety, etc.).

Postpartum Care: Taking care of yourself after your baby is born. Signs and symptoms of postpartum depression; when to seek help; where to seek help.

Baby Proofing Your Home: Tips for childproofing your home.  Making  life safe for your baby.

Preparing Children for New Siblings: Lessons on siblings.

Infant CPR & First Aid: CPR training. What type of first aid is best for 0-4 years old.

Doctors Appointments: Milestone appointments and important questions to ask. Vaccinations and your child’s health. 

Tier 3 Sessions: Family Life

Your Growing and Changing Family: Tips from other parents on how they successfully transition with their ever changing family.

Childcare: Choosing quality child care. Information about vouchers. Keeping tabs on your child’s care. Being your child’s 1st teacher.

Time Management: Family life is difficult, time management can help.

Personal Finance: Budgeting, bank accounts, debit vs credit, paying bills, getting ahead.

Healthy Living (Food, Shopping, Meal Prep): Living a healthy life within your budget. Teaching your children how to make healthy choices.

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